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Our Service

Our before and after sales service is what sets us apart from the competition.

Not only can we offer you comprehensive advice on choosing the right solution for your application but also, once you have invested in a Strebel product we will ensure that you get the best technical support possible.

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Clean Heating, Naturally STREBEL

Strebel Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of low pollution heating and hot water solutions.

Founded in Europe, Strebel has been operating successfully in the UK for 40 years and has built up a reputation for providing an extensive range of high performance, innovative and trustworthy Boilers for many applications.

With energy conservation, low pollution and reliability at the core of what we do, Strebel offers ideal solutions for today’s environmentally and economically conscious markets. When you chose to invest in a Strebel product you can be confident that not only will you be choosing the right solution tailored to your individual needs but you’ll also be backed by Strebels’ highly qualified technical support and service team.

We offer a comprehensive range of technically advanced products from 15 Kilowatt to mulitmegawatt Gas & Oil Boilers, including renewable energy solutions such as Biomass Boilers, or Biogas with the Solar Thermal division of the company offering panels from .5 kW to multi panel arrays. Strebel is committed to a highly developed, ongoing programme in research and development.