Air and dirt separators

Strebel air and dirt separators

Our Air & Dirt Separators are essential for the health and longevity of your heating systems. They help to protect against the damage of debris accumulation from water deposits and trapped air bubbles and ensure that your system is operating to its optimum efficiency.

Our air and dirt separating units offer the following benefits to your heating system:

  • Longer system life (Due to air and dirt elimination)
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Max. temp. 110⁰C (This can be higher on request)
  • Max. Working pressure 10 bar
  • Air collects in the air chamber before being automatically vented
  • Dirt can be removed by opening the valve situated on the side of the unit
  • The same valve is used for releasing air when filling the system
  • Large collector ensures that flushing is only required periodically
  • Dirt & sludge can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)

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