Strebel Boiler Guard

Air, Dirt and Magnetite removal from your heating and chilled water systems is critical for the performance of your system and to keep it operating at its maximum efficiency. Without the removal of these elements major problems can arise such as pump failure, corrosion and energy loss.

The SMH Strebel Boiler Guard Combined Air, Dirt, and Magnetite separator is the 3-in-1 answer to this problem. This unit cleverly combines this separator facility with a Low Loss Header in one innovative unit that is both easy to install and maintain.

To protect your heating system from losing performance, increase its life span and ensure optimum high efficiency at all times, invest in a Strebel boiler guard.

The air separator
The supply water flows from the boiler against a deflector plate before settling in the upper part of the boiler guard, allowing the air bubbles it contains to rise and collect. The water flowing back into the return line from the heating circuits releases the air it contains via the perforated plates and the venting channel also located in the upper collection chamber.
The air is continuously guided outside by an automatic air vent.
The low loss header
The supply water coming from the boiler is guided within the boiler guard by a flow straightener and, depending on the quantity that is needed, is fed into either the heating circuits or via its perforated plates to the boiler return line. The resulting hydraulic decoupling makes the boiler guard a neutral zone for dynamic pressures. The perforated plates prevent turbulence and enable a clean stratification of temperatures despite the low construction height.
The dirt and sludge trap
The water coming from the heating circuit is diverted by the deflector plate and settles in the boiler guard. Any impurities in the water settle and can be removed via the drain valve below. It is also possible to integrate a magnetite separator to collect any magnetic particles and magnetite (Optional – please specify if you would like to have the magnetite seperator included). This is cleaned by removing the magnets. The particles sink to the base and can be rinsed away via the drain valve. As the magnets are installed in protection tubes, the system remains closed and does not need to be drained.

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