Strebel Biomass Container Units

Effective storage, maximum capacity

As part of our renewables offering, Strebel can provide you with 20’ and 40′ Biomass container units to compliment the Strebel Taurus boiler range. We offer many different boiler room and fuel storage capacities to cover all your requirements – the 20’ offering up to 15m³ of fuel storage; the larger 40’ containers possible to facilitate both the boiler room and fuel store of up to 35m³ capacity.

Wood pellet applications facilitate a slanted floor fuel store, the fuel introduced into the boiler using an Ø90mm Flex auger. Most pourable bio-fuel can be used as types of fuel in the biomass containers and can be transported problem free. The Fuel storage has a male connector mounted on the rear for injection of fuel. However, with Wood Chip applications, the fuel is conveyed via the hydraulic moving floor system and the fuel storage filled from the electrically operated sliding roof.

Fuel only Wood Chip containers are also available in sizes of 30, 60 and 120m³ with our hydraulic walking floor system. Additionally the Wood Chip storage containers facilitate an electrically operated sliding roof, which gives great flexibility upon filling. As with all of our biomass container units, they are constructed with insulated panels in a variety of colours. Built in steel and insulated in rock wool, all fire safety requirements are met.

All Strebel Biomass Container Units are supplied with the following standard equipment:

  • Fully insulated Containers with all fire safety requirements met
  • All components are EU compliant and fully tested at works
  • Alu flooring
  • Roof structure with erection and welded roofing
  • The container is a plug & play solution, ready for heating, water and electrical connections
  • Boiler room has its own lighting and its own switchboard, with RCD breaker
  • Stainless Steel chimney placed 2.5m above the container roof (to comply with local regulations – a suitable chimney may have to be installed by others)
  • Remote-Control
  • SMS Alarm

Strebel Heating Technology and our European partners have developed a concept of turnkey solutions; built in 20 and 40 foot containers, which satisfy the customer’s wishes with regards to boiler performance, fuel type and size of fuel storage.

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