Strebel Biomatic Nova

Modern Heating With Wood Chips and Biomass – Naturally With STREBEL

The Biomatic Nova is a wood chip biomass boiler with excellent efficiency and maximum operating reliability from Austrian production.

Features Of The Strebel Biomatic Nova Biomass Boiler Range:


  • Quality product produced in Austria
  • Constant high efficiency of up to 93.7%
  • Automatic ignition
  • All systems are equipped with a PLC-oxygen control (lambda probe) as standard.
  • Easy operation for the end-user with visual representations of the components on the touch screen.
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Cleaning of the combustion chamber, the ash chamber and heat exchanger tubes takes place automatically, or a the push of a button
  • Combination with solar thermal system, Weather Compensation, 0-10v control and Cascade Software all standard


Fuel From Regional Production Wood chips are a biomass energy-source from European forests and are both inexpensive & rich in energy. The fuel is often produced by the individual who owns the boiler or purchased in the region at a low price. The raw wood chips are left out to dry in a well vented, sunlit place outside of the forest for up to a year. In autumn, the wood logs are chipped and brought into the fuel silo or store room with the help of machinery. Because wood chips are available as a regional and renewable energy source which benefits creation of value in the area; the owner is independent from fossil fuels like heating oil or natural gas. In total, wood chips as fuel guarantee highest comfort for a reasonable price.

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