Wood Gasifying Log Boilers

High Performance, Low Pollution Gasifying Boilers

Cleaner Heating, Wood Burning

A European leader in biomass heating products, Strebel offers a range of highly efficient wood gasifying boilers for commercial purposes, with low emissions in compliance with stringent pollution legislation.

If you’re looking for a boiler that offers extremely high combustion efficiency with minimal emissions, economic heating and is environmentally friendly, then a Strebel wood burner could be your perfect choice.

Wood gasifying boilers use the process of gasification to convert wood into woodgas and it’s this gas that is then burnt cleanly and efficiently. The woodgas is precisely mixed with air utilising the inbuilt lamda control and the superheated mix results in complete combustion. The heat is then transferred to a heat store for efficient distribution to the heat load. A benefit of the gasification process is that the complete combustion of wood leaves little or no ash. Additionally, wood is a renewable resource which can be easily prepared and stored cleanly without problems, making it a popular alternative to conventional fuels as a heating choice.

Like all Strebel boilers, the wood gasifying range offers excellent quality and long life span due to:

  • Sophisticated control technology of the burning process preventing condensation and corrosion damage.
  • Robust boiler body made from 6mm strong special-steel typical of Strebel quality to endure a longer life.
  • Automatic, regular turnover of the ventilating fan, pump and mixing valves to prevent sticking in the off mode.
  • State of the art Lamda pollution control.


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