Case Study: Domestic Biomass solution for Buckinghamshire homeowner

Case Study: Domestic Biomass solution for Buckinghamshire homeowner

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Customer Requirements

The owner was looking for a more economical and environmentally friendly way of heating the property.

What we did

This retrofit scheme was carried out by Gates Plumbing & Heating Ltd.; who specialise in biomass installations providing quality service across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire.

The decision was made early on in planning that a biomass boiler would fulfil the customers requirements when replacing the existing oil boiler.

The availability of an adjacent outbuilding provided the ideal space for the installation of an automated Strebel Biotec biomass wood pellet boiler, with ample space for storing bagged wood pellets. Installation of underground insulated pipes connected the outbuilding to the homeowners property of which was to be heated.

During planning, it was agreed to move the existing DHW Cylinder in to the outbuilding too; leaving even more space for the homeowner in their property.

The end user will see considerable savings on annual running costs compared to the original oil boiler in the house; whilst also applying for the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) which will see the owner receiving payments for a period of 7 years.

This installation is a true example of exemplary workmanship with great project managent and implementation by Gates Plumbing & Heating; and the client has many happy years ahead with their Strebel biomass boiler.

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