Case Study: The Royden Park Project

Case Study: The Royden Park Project

Customer Requirements

The Royden Park Project provides opportunities for disabled people to gain sheltered training in Horticulture, Conservation and Woodwork in a supportive environment.

The Project itself is supported by volunteers & offers various opportunities in partnership with:-

• The Ranger Service
• The Wirral Model Engineers Society
• The Friends of Royden Park
• Local community groups and businesses

The Project aims to:

• Help disabled people to become more independent
• Help you with your social care needs
• Get involved with activities that benefit the local community
• Provide meaningful work training activities
• Offer a Person Centred approach for life skills and training opportunities

Royden Park Project have a local supply of timber. They sustainably recycle all the timber and split some in to logs.

Royden Park gives the opportunity for attendee’s to use their electric log splitter machines. They are given all the support and training to safely split logs.

In unison with Wirral BC; the outbuildings required a new heating system, including boiler & controls.

What we did

As a European leader in biomass log gasification technology; a Strebel Turbotec 60L was selected for the boiler house.

Working alongside all parties, from delivery through to commissioning; the new Strebel log boiler was installed an up and running on a tight schedule which was adhered to.

The system was installed back in 2009 – Please take a look at the below video from our friends at The Royden Park Project for the last 12 months;