Strebel RU Boiler Range

High Efficiency, Low Emissions

The Strebel RU boiler range combines the most up to date construction with high quality, durable material. A great choice for commercial application and offering reliable and safe operation over many years, Strebel RU boilers use the triple pass technology to achieve the correct balance between fuel consumption, optimum efficiency and environmental friendliness. Additionally, their sectional construction makes them perfect for introduction into any boiler house.

BiCalor versions are available for hot water service, which feature high output, high recovery stainless steel calorifiers.

Key features of the Strebel RU boiler range include:

  • Durable cast-iron sections
  • Triple pass technology
  • High efficiency boiler 150-1400kW
  • Microprocessor based control system
  • Red enamelled steel jacket and optional reinforced cover
  • Low fuel consumption owing to optimized efficiency
  • Easy transport owing to sectional construction
  • Special features for production of low pressure steam and domestic hot water