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Strebel Water Heaters & Calorifiers

Hot Water is a Necessity, Strebel is a Must

Strebel has built up a reputation for supplying energy efficient, commercial hot water solutions manufactured to the highest European standards, providing you with a wide range of products to suit your application.

When designing a hot water system our professional staff take your individual requirements into consideration thus ensuring the system offered is adequate in meeting your needs whilst also supporting efficient use of both energy and water. We also advise you on key decisions such as the energy source for water heating, type of hot water storage or calorifier, system layout, and system capacity. This ensures that the Strebel product you choose is not only of the highest quality and reliability but also the most energy efficient solution for your application.

The Strebel hot water product range includes:

  • Direct Fired storage water heaters, Fan assisted ATI SP range
  • Direct Fired storage water heaters, Atmospheric ATI TN range
  • Condensing water heaters, S-WG range
  • Calorifiers , ATI-CC range
  • Stainless Steel Solar and Hot Water Calorifiers SHW-S
  • Stainless Steel Solar and Hot Water Calorifiers SHW-T

Excellent customer service and a wide range of high quality products are at the core of Strebel’s commitment. Whatever your individual requirements, contact our experienced customer service team today for comprehensive product advice. We can help you decide on the right hot water solution for your application.

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