Gas Fired Condensing Water Heaters

  • Gas Fired Condensing Water heaters, maximum efficiency.

    These condensing hot water boilers from the Strebel series operate at maximum high efficiency. Designed to deal with the greater demands of hot water from larger properties, Strebel direct fired hot water boilers are ideal for commercial outlets, hospitals, hotels, big laundries and public facilities.

    Constructed of high quality materials and parts, their supreme performance is reached by, amongst other things, the use of a special heat exchanger made of stainless steel. The heat exchanger allows flue gases to cool down below condensation point, condensing the flue gases and releasing extra heat. The water injection system ensures that when there is a hot water demand every drop of cold water to be heated enters the condensing heat exchanger maximising condensing efficiency; this has an immediate positive impact on the Boiler efficiency, exceeding 100%.

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