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Strebel has brought to market a range of high performance thermal Solar Collector Systems that utilize free solar energy and turn it into hot water. Even in our geographical latitudes, the highly efficient solar collector systems can supply about 70% of energy-demand used for water heating, therefore lowering your demand for oil or gas and ultimately saving you money.

Our solar renewable energy thermal products provide economical solar technology for hot water and heating production, strongly supporting the environment. For example, when using the vacuum tube collectors in a single house an environmental saving of ¾ tonnes of CO² can be gained. Additionally through the exclusive use of corrosion resistant materials, longevity and high working reliability of the solar collector system is guaranteed.

High output to minimal coverage area combined with the insulating vacuum guarantees optimum efficiency for solar heating and Strebel high performance vacuum tube collectors still give maximum output on cold cloudy days and at times of low sun radiation.

There is no better insulation against loss of heat than in a vacuum therefore the heat losses from the STREBEL solar collector will be minimal. This kind of insulation does not degrade with time, it is environmental friendly and energy saving and furthermore the solar absorber has a special coating to protect it against corrosion.

Features of the Strebel high performance solar collector systems include:

  • Economic and environmentally friendly, conserving the use of raw materials through product longevity
  • Maximum energy production through high vacuum technology
  • Attractive design and flexible mounting options ideal for modern architecture
  • Suitable for all types of installations; any roof type and pitch of 0⁰ to 90⁰ possible
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally without effecting output and therefore making optimum use of the sun
  • Simple and quick assembly with a patented plug system to connect modules side by side
  • Individual adjustable absorber area
  • High quality, shatterproof 2.5 mm diameter safety glass tubes
  • Tube diameter of 100mm
  • Compatible with all Strebel boilers (condensing, oil, gas and wood) in combination with a buffer calorifier

Strebel high performance vacuum tube collectors are available in two options which differ from each other in the way heat is transferred to the heat exchanger:

  • Heat pipe (HP)
  • Direct Flow (DF)

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